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  Biography Leonard Eric

  • Photo lover, self-taught since my youth (it's been quite a few years...),  I finally joined a photo club in Amay around 2010, where I benefited from first advice from members of the club and particularly from Benoît Mestrez.

  •   In addition, as part of my work, I met a starred chef, Philippe Meyers   also very high level in photography; I owe him a lot of advice!

  • Then, I perfected myself by following on the internet, for three seasons, the courses of Laurent Breillat, consolidated  with the Canadian professional photographer David Duchemin.

  • In 2021, my gaze was intrigued by photos of  Serge Ramelli professional photographer who offers another vision of photography, or how to sublimate a photo.

  • In 2022, I participated in a four-day internship with Michel d'Outremont animal photographers.

  • This "photographic pleasure" was born in January 2017 and consists of presenting you with a new photo on my profile Facebook every Sunday between 7 and 9 p.m. Join me !

  • The photos that I consider the most interesting will join or replace those presented on the site.

  • Small clarification: I'm not trying to take so-called "intellectual" photos, but photos intended to take the widest public on a walk.

  • In order to fully appreciate the photos, I advise you to watch them in full screen 

  • It is strictly forbidden to use my photos in any form without my prior consent.

  • All photos are available for sale,contact me.
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